The leadership of Intercessors for Israel is comprised of Messianic Jews who live in the Jerusalem area.

Eliyahu Ben-Haim

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A veteran immigrant from the United States, Eliyahu is the chairman and a board member of Intercessors for Israel. He is a member of member of Kehilat El Ro'i in Jerusalem and also has an international teaching ministry. Eliyahu has traveled extensively worldwide in prayer ministry, leading prayer teams to strategic places to defend Israel among the nations, open doors for evangelism and aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel), and prepare the way for the Lord's return. He distributes a newsletter called the Sound of the Shofar, whose purpose is to inform the Church worldwide about what is really happening in Israel and to call it to pray for Israel.

Chuck Cohen

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A veteran immigrant from the United States, Chuck is a director and board member of Intercessors for Israel. After having served with King of Kings Community in Jerusalem for 17 years, he is currently an elder in a local Jerusalem home fellowship. Chuck preaches, teaches, and writes about the Church’s God-given commission to stand with Israel and the Jewish people. He is involved in several international conferences in Jerusalem, travels and speaks internationally, and has been featured on Christian television and radio programs. He and his wife, Karen, have written Roots of Our Faith, a study of the Old Testament foundations of New Testament doctrine, and Grounded, a look at where to find the promise of the land of Israel to the Jewish people in the New Testament. Watchmen from Jerusalem, Chuck and Karen’s newsletter, provides a biblical perspective on the news and informs readers of events in Israel and the world, with the goal of fueling the fires of intercession.