Raising up informed prayer and intercession are the primary activities of IFI. Through prayer, the hand of the Lord can be moved, and the course of nations altered. Would you join with us?

Prayer Points

These Prayer Points are the prayers which are prayed through at the "Intercessors For Israel" Friday Prayer Meetings. They are also sent out weekly via email.
  1. July 2014

  2. July 18th, 2014
    1. On the morning after Israel's ground troops entered Gaza we opened our time together declaring the praises of the God of Israel, reminding ourselves that nothing takes Him by surprise and thanking Him for His constancy…

    2. Operation Protective Edge - Ground Offensive

      Yesterday evening the IDF ground forces entered Gaza with the objectives of destroying the infrastructure of Hamas and the tunnels which have been built to enable them to launch terrorist attacks against Israel…


    3. Human shields

      While Israel does everything possible in the context of warfare to avoid hurting civilians, nobody takes more delight in the deaths of Palestinian children than the leaders of Hamas. This is perfect for the worldwide propaganda war to get the nations onto their side. When Israel's forces use leaflet drops, telephone calls, various types of warning to encourage the Gazan people to leave a location which is about to be attacked, Hamas order them to return. In the house to house fighting during the coming days there are likely to be many more terrorists protecting themselves with children and women as "human shields"…

    4. Other enemies round about

      There are many enemies around the borders of Israel who might seek to exploit the Gaza conflict to their own ends. Hezbollah in Lebanon have far more rockets stockpiled than Hamas, there are different groups in Syria - government forces, salafist groups, the Islamic State operating in Syria and Iraq, which, according to reports already have some people in Gaza. Egypt and Jordan, on the other hand are, at least for now, more likely to offer tacit support for Israel…

    5. Righteous Gentiles (see video clip)

      The Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial honors those non-Jews who freely risked their lives to help Jews during the Holocaust. Not all these "righteous gentiles" were believers in Yeshua, but perhaps all believers in Yeshua ought to be willing to risk their lives to save Jews. As the days grow darker and anti-Semitism is on the rise throughout the world, what is the Church doing and saying about it? Sadly not many are speaking out…

    6. Aliyah

      While there are still fishermen fishing to bring the Jewish people home, it is clear that the hunters are increasingly being released to drive them out of the nations where they are. (Jeremiah 16:16) It is getting increasingly dangerous to be Jewish in exile…


    7. Israel's Government

      This week Prime Minister Netanyahu fired Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon for the open way he was criticizing the handling of the war in Gaza…


    8. Body of Messiah in Israel…

Guidelines for Corporate Prayer

Staying on Track

In Intercessors for Israel prayer meetings, the leadership asks those assembled to form small groups (three to four individuals is recommended) and introduces subjects for prayer. In corporate prayer, we do not pray whatever comes into our heart/mind. We need to stay on track and exercise discipline to be sharpshooters in prayer and hit the center of the target.

General Prayer Topics

Regardless of current news, here are ongoing ways to pray and intercede for the people and Land of Israel:

  • Pray for the salvation of Israel.

  • Pray for aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel).

  • Pray against any "land for peace" process.

  • Cry out for Israel to cry out.

  • Plead for mercy in the midst of God's righteous judgments.

  • Intercede for the salvation of Muslims.

  • Intercede for the Church, so that it wakes up to its responsibility toward Israel.