Raising up informed prayer and intercession are the primary activities of IFI. Through prayer, the hand of the Lord can be moved, and the course of nations altered. Would you join with us?

Prayer Points

These Prayer Points are the prayers which are prayed through at the "Intercessors For Israel" Friday Prayer Meetings. They are also sent out weekly via email.
  1. January 2016

  2. January 22nd, 2016
    1. We began by reading a few verses from this Shabbat's Torah portion…

    2. God created Israel to be a nation that is unlike any other - a nation that dwells alone. It is called to be a holy, a "set-apart", nation unto Him; a priestly nation through whom He imparts His blessings to the world, and by whom He tests the world's attitude towards Himself. For most of Israel's history, it has resisted this calling - yet that has not stopped God from separating His people anyway. Today, we see the same thing, as more Western nations back-off from standing with Israel. Yet we can also see in this the Lord's hand once more setting His nation apart for His purposes…

    3. Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has again spoken truth to the world. He was at the Davos World Economic Forum yesterday and was interviewed by CNN. He did not back off from his concerns about Iran and Hizbullah, and he openly questioned the West's addiction to a peace-process between Israel and the Palestinians, while the world is fighting a war against Islamic terrorism…

    4. Because of budget restraints, the IDF has had to come up with some new policies, one of which is that new immigrants over 22 will not be required to join the army, although they can volunteer. Yet this nation, made up of immigrants from over 100 nations, looks to the army to be a melting pot that aids all the various cultures, languages and backgrounds to become one. Lord, help us to pray…

    5. We focused our prayers on Israel's security situation. While there has been debate about the most immediate imperative threat to this nation, all agree that Iran and its proxy terror group Hizbullah are the main actors. We see Hizbullah as the tip of the Iranian spear aimed at Israel's heart…

    6. Aliyah - the return of the scattered Jews back home to Israel - was our next prayer topic…

    7. Intercessors for Israel's International Prayer Conference, Jerusalem, begins this coming Monday evening. It runs from January 25th to February 1st and then the post-conference Prayer Tour continues until Shabbat, February 6th. So there will be no Friday Prayer Alert for the next two weeks. We do hope to send out a daily video update from the first week of the conference. Yet right now, the IFI leader who helps to facilitate that has been very sick. If we are not able to do that, please forgive us in advance…

Guidelines for Corporate Prayer

Staying on Track

In Intercessors for Israel prayer meetings, the leadership asks those assembled to form small groups (three to four individuals is recommended) and introduces subjects for prayer. In corporate prayer, we do not pray whatever comes into our heart/mind. We need to stay on track and exercise discipline to be sharpshooters in prayer and hit the center of the target.

General Prayer Topics

Regardless of current news, here are ongoing ways to pray and intercede for the people and Land of Israel:

  • Pray for the salvation of Israel.

  • Pray for aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel).

  • Pray against any "land for peace" process.

  • Cry out for Israel to cry out.

  • Plead for mercy in the midst of God's righteous judgments.

  • Intercede for the salvation of Muslims.

  • Intercede for the Church, so that it wakes up to its responsibility toward Israel.