Raising up informed prayer and intercession are the primary activities of IFI. Through prayer, the hand of the Lord can be moved, and the course of nations altered. Would you join with us?

Prayer Points

These Prayer Points are the prayers which are prayed through at the "Intercessors For Israel" Friday Prayer Meetings. They are also sent out weekly via email.
  1. June 2015

  2. June 26th, 2015
    1. There was a misty gray cloudiness over Jerusalem this morning, yet on the horizon we were able to see the light of the rising sun. What a joy to be in the city of the Risen Son - the great King!…

    2. Next Tuesday, June 30th, the final deal with Iran and the six world powers regarding Iran's nuclear program is supposed to be signed. While that date might be extended, reports of what's in the deal is mind-blowing. The P5+1 nations are even talking about upgrading Iran's nuclear equipment!…

    3. We prayed for Israel to know what to do if and when the final P5+1 deal is signed…

    4. On July 4th, the Shabbat Torah portion (Numbers 22:2-25:9), is all about Balaam - the prophet for profit who wanted to curse Israel but was forbidden by God from doing so. That is the portion that covers next week - when the P5+1 deal is supposed to be completed…

    5. We then interceded for Netanyahu and many other Israeli leaders…

    6. There is another 'freedom flotilla' on its way, trying to break Israel's lawful blockade of Gaza - placed there to prevent weapons smuggling. The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, of which this is in the same niche, really does not care about the Palestinians - only about how to hurt Israel, or dare we say, the Jews. After all, did the BDS/flotilla groups even protest against Syria's Assad when he slaughtered thousands of Palestinians in the Yarmouk refugee camp several months ago? (Oh, did you not hear about it? Apparently, if Jews are not doing the killing, as far as the mainstream media and Western nations are concerned, then Arabs killing Arabs is not really worth getting worked up over.)…

    7. We prayed for Israel's security over Ramadan…

    8. Aliyah - the ingathering of the Jews from exile to Israel - is becoming more of a priority with each passing week, as it is getting very dangerous out there. The spirit of anti-Semitism, masquerading as anti-Zionism, is seeking to devour all the Jews it can. Other than what we see in Esther, the rest of Scripture promises God's protection for His people in His land. Exile is God's ultimate judgment on the nation of Israel for its sins. Also, the Church needs to receive the burden of the Lord to understand that aliyah is central to God's end-time prophetic plans…

    9. We closed our time by revisiting the Iranian negotiations - but this time asking God to give the Israeli Body a burden to pray into this during their meetings over this weekend. Please pray both for that, and ask God to also wake up the believers in your land to this very dangerous deal.

Guidelines for Corporate Prayer

Staying on Track

In Intercessors for Israel prayer meetings, the leadership asks those assembled to form small groups (three to four individuals is recommended) and introduces subjects for prayer. In corporate prayer, we do not pray whatever comes into our heart/mind. We need to stay on track and exercise discipline to be sharpshooters in prayer and hit the center of the target.

General Prayer Topics

Regardless of current news, here are ongoing ways to pray and intercede for the people and Land of Israel:

  • Pray for the salvation of Israel.

  • Pray for aliyah (Jewish immigration to Israel).

  • Pray against any "land for peace" process.

  • Cry out for Israel to cry out.

  • Plead for mercy in the midst of God's righteous judgments.

  • Intercede for the salvation of Muslims.

  • Intercede for the Church, so that it wakes up to its responsibility toward Israel.